How To Detox The Body

Why would you want to know How To Detox The Body?

Our bodies are bombarded by toxins daily. To help our bodies deal with toxins, purging toxins essential. Toxins are in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

A internal body cleansing allows our body to have minimal work to do thus have a chance to rinse itself out. It helps eliminate any congestion that has formed in our body, glands, joints and blood stream.

When your system is clogged, you get sick. If there are toxins in your cells, disease can flourish. For our body to experience optimal health, it must be clean.

Although there are many great products out there, I have taken the time to list a few key considerations to make it easier for you to decide how to detox the body.

The following “how to detox the body” tips can not only be used during a detox program but also are great enhancements to your everyday wellness. So here are just a few of the secrets on how to detox the body.

7 How to Detox The Body Essentials

1. Keep the Colon Moving:

This is first and foremost, you have to be getting rid of your body’s waste. Before you start any type of body detox or cleansing program, make sure your colon is moving. Although there is some discrepancy among natural health advocates about how many bowel movements per day. You should be having a bowel movement 1-3 times per day. If less than that or if you have to push ”it” out then you are constipated and need to be sure to clean your colon. Take a look at Colon Cleanse Reviews to see what colon cleanse best fits with your needs and lifestyle.

The Salt Water Flush is a great way to have your colon flushed out. You can even do it before you start an internal body cleansing program to assist with you bowel movements.

2. Detox Bath

If you want to know how to detox the body the easy way, a Himalayan Sea Salt Bath can be very beneficial and easy. The baths help open up the pores of your skin to release any toxins that have collected. There is a lot of value in taking a detox bath. They say it is comparable to a three day fast.

3. Clean Your Feet

I know that sounds a bit crazy but using an ionic foot spa pulls toxins from your body through your feet. You can buy your own spa unit or find a practitioner in your area that offers this service. Its relaxing, easy to do and you can see the results almost immediately.

3. Breathe Deep

Most people do not realize that the lungs are an organ of elimination. It is very important anytime, but especially when you are detoxing your body, to do some deep breathing exercises. This will alleviate any stagnant air and assist in oxygenating your body.

4. Dry Skin Brushing:

The skin is our largest organ of elimination. Our pores if clogged prevent our body from expelling accumulated toxins. Helping the lymph system do its job is an important part of the internal body cleansing process.

One of the key methods of stimulating the lymph system do its job is to perform Dry Skin Brushing regularly. Dry Skin Brushing, gently brushing the skin, helps stimulate the lymph glands that are directly under the skin. Another method that works well to get lymph moving is to jump on the trampoline. You don’t even have to jump high, you just bounce gently to support your lymphatic system in purging toxins.

5. Meditate or Pray Daily:

A very important aspect of cleansing is prayer or Meditation. It helps me focus and calm down. Especially on the Master Cleanse when no food is being ingested it is important to meditate. By taking that quiet time, it helps me to alleviate stress thus the need for emotional eating which is often unhealthy. I center on my health goals and the cleanse goes much more smoothly.

6. Do it the easy way!

If everything you have read so far is just too much for you. You can detox the easy way. One of the products I found that works gently and consistently is an herbal body detox. You don’t have to do much more than make sure you are drinking lots of water and make sure you have some bowel movements. There is nothing worse than detoxing and having the toxins not leave your system. I actually use herbal body detox drops in my kids water bottles for school, of course with a much smaller dosage.

7. Increase Your Water

A body cleansing response is when your body starts to clean out its cells too fast and you may experience a short illness. Toxins get stored in your cells and when the body is cleaning itself from the inside out, there may be an overload in your body and you may experience headaches, flu-like symptoms etc.

If this starts to happen, increase your clean water intake. Although this response is unwanted because it doesn’t feel good, its a good thing because it means your body is cleaning itself out. By increasing your water intake you will better flush out the toxins that are getting released and keep the kidneys happy as well.

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